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Responsibility and control
about personal assets

Essential factors in the empowerment of women


The current women's advancement movements are just a few examples of initiatives that have raised global awareness of the obstacles women face in their lives, both personally and professionally. Overall, women are striving for greater self-determination. Because they still have to. In this context, one's own ability plays a decisive role. The English term "empowerment" describes the quintessence of this topic better than any German word. It is about the process of becoming stronger and more self-confident, especially in controlling one's own life and asserting one's rights.

As a traditional private bank, we have worked with many women over the years to help them gain clarity and confidence about their (financial) future by discussing their financial situation. So we know very well what it means for women to take responsibility and control over their assets. The safe handling of one's own finances strengthens and makes one independent. And this is exactly where we want to help women.

Our contribution to the (financial) empowerment of women

Transfer of financial knowledge to women


Over the past few years, we have already devoted ourselves to the topic of "Women's Financial Empowerment" through various initiatives and thus to imparting financial knowledge to women. We would like to consolidate these activities at a central location in the future in order to provide both interesting articles on this topic and information about upcoming events of our bank on this topic. We see each of these activities as a small contribution to the (financial) empowerment of women.

Portrait Madeleine Sander Head of Corporate Development und Co-Head of Digital Wealth Channel Zeedin


"I have already experienced at a young age how important it is to take care of the issues of investment and provision independently so as not to be overwhelmed by them from one day to the next. At Hauck & Aufhäuser, we would therefore like to support other women precisely in this and help them in particular to find a personal investment strategy that fits their risk profile and their needs."


Madeleine Sander, Head of Corporate Development und Co-Head of Digital Wealth Channel Zeedin

Past Events

HerMoney event on 15 October in Frankfurt 

There was much to think about Tuesday evening at our after-work meeting "Let's talk about money", where we welcomed together with Anne Connelly, founder of herMoney - Finanzfitness für Frauen: 
1. What can we do to close the gender pay gap? 2 How do I invest my money in low interest periods? 3 And what do I do when life, not death, divides us?

And the answers to that are certainly connected with emotions. For it is about power, childhood memories, losses (actual or potential) and relationships. Especially those that end in money. In short, it's about people, their personal stories and motives.

Our board member Dr. Holger Sepp made the start. His family environment is all female - including the family bitch. Birgit Wetjen's motivation to make sure that women strive for more money and talk about it also has a family character. In the concluding discussion round, family lawyer Vera Knatz explained to us why it would be best for them to do this before marriage. Madeleine Sander and Kerstin Kern finally showed us how exactly women can best build up their wealth.

Emotion Women's Day on 06 May in Hamburg

EWD19: Since we announced the partnership between our bank or Zeedin and Emotion Verlag GmbH at the beginning of the year, we have often been asked why we concentrate on women as a target group when marketing our digital asset management. After yesterday it is easy to break this question down to the essentials:

1) We take diversity seriously. And this includes encouraging women to play an active role in shaping the economy.

2) At this point, the transfer of know-how with China helps us: "Because our Chinese colleagues are simply more self-confident and courageous than we are in some places". (Sandra Freimuth)

3) "This (self-)awareness also includes women taking responsibility for their own finances." (Madeleine Sander). With Zeedin, we offer a solution for this in order to approach the issue intelligently and uncomplicatedly in the digital age.

With Emotion we have found a platform that we would like to use in the future to talk about these topics.

Financial Forum "Rendite ist weiblich" during the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Day on 23 March 2019

"I am in favour of absolute equality and that is why you see as many women as men in our brand image," said Madeleine Sander at the Frauen Finanz Forum at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Day.

H&A Women's Finance Afterwork with Jessica Schwarzer: kick-off event in Cologne on 12 March 2019

Jessica Schwarzer is one of the most renowned financial journalists in Germany. Her passion for the stock market has made her profession. The long-standing chief correspondent and stock exchange expert of the Handelsblatt now works independently as a journalist and presenter. She has written several books on the psychology of investors and investment strategies. Most recently he appeared "Back and forth empties pockets? What the stock market wisdoms of Kostolany, Buffett and Co still do today - Part 2" at Börsenbuchverlag. The German stock culture is a matter close to her heart, for which she also makes herself strong with lectures and seminars.