For over 220 years, tradition and innovation have gone hand in hand at Hauck & Aufhäuser. Since the very beginning, the bank has demonstrated entrepreneurial courage, independent judgment, and a natural flair for seizing opportunities and knowing what it takes to turn opportunities into reality.

A courageous decision

Friedrich Michael Hauck was only 25 years old when he laid the foundations in Frankfurt am Main for the bank of today. On January 1, 1796 he became a partner of a forwarding and commissioning business, which was then renamed Speditions- und Commissionsgeschäft Gebhard & Hauck. While traveling extensively on business across national borders, the qualified merchant Hauck, who originally hailed from the Palatinate region, had built up a large network that would be of great benefit to him.

Inventiveness and creativity in a new era

Despite the upheavals that were to follow in the wake of the French Revolution, the opportunities for his own company prevailed, and so he moved to the trading city of Frankfurt am Main. In keeping with the merchant banks of the time, the trading company increasingly began to offer banking transactions. The rest is history. 

The key components of successful entrepreneurship lie in the discovery of such opportunities, both in terms of viable business ideas and personal opportunities, and in weighing up the possible risks. At the same time, innovation plays an important role – for innovation is the key driver of economic development. More than ever, the way we do business is driven by our strong desire to create new ideas and turn them swiftly and directly into reality.  

However, innovation is never simply just there, but starts mostly as an undefined, rather vague notion. It strives to leave an impression, to find a way to become reality. Innovation is imbued with an evolutionary impulse. The future needs a constantly evolving understanding of innovation, because new concepts and ideas are no longer the result of a linear, pre-defined process, but of a rapid, smart and flexible step-by-step process of rapprochement: closer to the market, but above all also with people at its heart. Makers, visionaries, pioneers – the difference makers. People who want to make an impact and be trailblazers for the next generation. Such people are the focus of our high levels of commitment and our constant willingness to tackle new challenges and explore new fields of business – every working day.

Thinking beyond today

In complex contexts, creativity is tied with tradition because, ultimately, expertise draws on knowledge built up over generations. For Hauck & Aufhäuser, this means forging sustainable networks to provide the right balance of efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability from which innovation can grow.

For us, “leaving traces’” means providing new impulses, being pioneers, and taking long-term decisions. To be excellent today and even better tomorrow. To provide lasting value with you as our partner. For the generations to come and the society of tomorrow.

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