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As part of our holistic investment advice, we ensure that we are able to respond to changes in your personal environment on an individual and timely basis if necessary. First of all, we analyze your principles, your investment mentality, and your investment objectives together with you. In so doing, we define the desired relationship between reliability, profitability, and availability of your assets.

We attach great importance to first-class support for our clients. However, excellence requires one thing above all else: independence in decision-making. With more and more major commercial banks gaining control over private banks, independence is increasingly becoming a value in itself.

Only a private bank such as ours, which is managed independently, can provide focused advice without conflicts of interest. For us, this is and remains the basis for a successful partnership with our customers. This is the only way to fulfil your goals and wishes.

Portrait Thomas Kleffman Leiter Private Banking

For us, ‘making a mark’ means providing new impulses, being pioneers, and taking long-term decisions. We provide lasting values – in cooperation with you. For the generations to come and the society of tomorrow.

THOMAS KLEFFMANN, Head of Private Banking

Advisory approach: Defining goals together

Every investor has his or her own individual ideas about the ideal relationship between security, profitability and availability of his or her assets. Together we analyze how your principles, your investment mentality and your investment objectives can be reconciled.

Analysis and advice is always provided by us from a single source and in one person. In this way, contradictions in content are avoided from the outset. All decisions are made with a high degree of objectivity and all assets are taken into account. We then define a sustainable strategy.

How we integrate your demands into the investment process: From strategy consultation to your optimal portfolio

People and times change naturally. We therefore regularly review the agreed strategy. In this way, we ensure that you can react individually and promptly to changes in your personal environment if necessary.

Your entrepreneurial goals and your personal life plan are an integral part of our asset planning. While a team of advisors and portfolio managers is working in the background to fine-tune your investment strategy, we are there to help you even after the portfolio has been optimized: through stringent risk and wealth management, we ensure that the defined goals are achieved.

Individual and holistic Investment Advice

  • We develop tailored, holistic financing solutions for our clients.
  • The entrepreneur’s business objectives and life goals are an integral part of our asset planning.
  • We – advisers and portfolio managers – always act in our clients’ interests, and match the investment strategy to our clients’ needs. Investment decisions are made with the highest degree of objectivity.
  • Inclusion of all assets (e.g. liquid assets, real estate, corporate investments).
  • Analysis and subsequent advice come from one source – this ensures holistic, non-contradictory advice.

Our investment research and analysis defines the universe from which we select appropriate securities for your investment success. In so doing, we focus on classical equities, bonds, liquidity instruments, currencies, and investment funds. In addition, we deliver expertise in alternative investment products and corporate investments.

Our in-house research team monitors the equity and bond markets intensively to select the best securities for you. We deploy purpose-built discounted cash flow models to achieve conclusive and sound assessments. For bonds, we take influencing factors such as interest rate policy and credit risk into account.

Comprehensive fund research

One of our areas of expertise is in the analysis and selection of investment funds. Our analysis considers both the absolute performance of the fund as well as its performance in relation to peer groups. The analysis also involves in-depth consideration of the quality of the investment strategy, including discussions with the fund manager. Our investment advice typically comprises a universe of funds of between 60 and 80 recommendations drawn from all relevant asset classes and segments.

Please feel free to contact your personal adviser for more information on recommendations.

In the persistently low interest rate environment, more and more investors are looking beyond bonds and equities for alternative returns on their portfolios. Alternative investments, which we understand as medium to long-term investments in tangible assets, offer a potential solution, because investors receive premiums for the illiquidity and complexity of the investment as well as the specific risks entailed.

We see three decisive factors for the success of alternative investments:

  • The selection of an appropriately tailored investment strategy
  • The selection of a skilled asset or portfolio manager
  • The blend of each investment portfolio

We support you with your investments. We are skilled at selecting the appropriate asset manager and examining the quality of the investment offerings. And we manage your subscribed investments throughout the entire holding period.

Our specialties include the asset classes of private equity, renewable energy, infrastructure, logistics, and real estate. Individual transactions for family offices and semi-professional investors round off our offerings.

Our asset allocation product, Optima, allows you to clearly see the potential of your portfolio. We examine the efficiency of the risk/reward profile of your portfolio from a scientific standpoint. We then assist you in designing a strategy for your assets. We determine an optimal portfolio that matches your investment mentality. And then we put it into practice. Thanks to our asset allocation service, all investments interlock with each other and generate the best possible results overall.

Portrait Thomas Kleffman Leiter Private Banking
Thomas Kleffmann
Branch Manager NRW
+49 (0)211 301236-6001
+49 (0)211 301236-6001
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Georg Albrecht
Branch Manager Hamburg
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+49 (0)40 4506342-3011
Naveed Arshad
Branch Manager Frankfurt
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+49 (0)69 2161-1451
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Michael Di Martino
Team Head Cologne & Deputy Branch Manager NRW
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+49 (0)221 139319-7010
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Thomas Jäger
Branch Manager Munich
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+49 (0)89 2393-2504