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The fostering of civic involvement is an integral part of how we do business. We accompany you from the very beginning in the realization of your foundation.

Our team of experts provides you with guidance and support, from developing the foundation concept right up to the launch of your foundation. We also connect you to our longstanding, established partnerships with foundation experts around Germany who specialize in legal matters and taxes, as well as to the regional supervisory bodies responsible for foundations.

It all starts with your idea

Do you have an idea of a foundation in mind? And would you like to further concretize this idea? We are happy to support you in realizing your vision. The diversity of the foundation's solutions offers numerous opportunities: from corporate succession to long-term support and the promotion of a personal charitable interest.

The foundation's work can also focus on philanthropic issues. The art lies in reconciling the effectiveness of the foundation's commitment and the meaning of its work in a purposeful way. Here too, we are happy to help with our experience and our network.


Tailor-made investment concepts that also take ESG criteria into account


Philanthropic expertise
and network


Extensive experience and longstanding tradition in supporting foundations

In order to be able to make a well-founded decision before and during the establishment of a foundation, there are many questions that should be clarified quickly - an extensive initial clarification prevents possible adjustments and corrections:

  • Why do people donate their assets to others?
  • What do the founders expect?
  • What legal form should the foundation have?
  • How should the foundation's purpose be defined?
  • What is a charitable foundation?
  • How is the foundation charter structured?
  • Does the foundation need a board of trustees?
  • Is it possible to reliably regulate corporate succession with the foundation?

Supporting existing foundations with innovative solutions

We support donors and foundations, from foundation management to fundraising, with a comprehensive service. This includes support in the implementation of your foundation concept:

  • Design of tailored investment guidelines
  • Purpose-oriented investment of the foundation's capital
  • Consideration of special aspects of inheritance, tax and foundation law
  • Implementation of the Foundation's policies and programmes
  • Expansion of your foundation network
  • Development of foundation cooperations

The foundation‘s investment objectives determine the assets structure

In order to guarantee the longevity of your foundation, it is absolutely essential to ensure capital preservation through correct and wise investment of your capital. We offer you individual asset management solutions that take into account all statutory and regulatory requirements. You also benefit from our experience when implementing the investment principles of your foundation.

Our tried-and-trusted liquidity planning helps you keep constant sight of the foundation’s assets and the earnings base, thereby ensuring the principles of planning of your foundation. Our extensive expertise in sustainable investments allows us to demonstrate in a highly practical manner that values, virtue and value creation are not mutually exclusive of each other.

Our commitment: Hauck & Aufhäuser Cultural Foundation

A key pillar of our commitment is the Hauck & Aufhäuser Cultural Foundation, in which we bundle our cultural activities. Founded in 2008, the foundation highlights outstanding achievements, in particular in the fields of art, music, literature, science, and education. In collaboration with other funding institutions and foundations, our focus is on fostering young creative talent and promoting diverse educational projects.

As a long-standing member of the Federal Association of German Foundations, we are committed to the foundation landscape in Germany.

Portrait Karen Krämer Hauck & Aufhäuser Kulturstiftung
Karen Krämer
Hauck & Aufhäuser Kulturstiftung
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+49 (0)69 2161-1442