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235 startups from 32 countries apply for the third edition of the internationally recognized Accelerator Programme Protechting by Fosun, Fidelidade, Luz Sáude and Hauck & Aufhäuser

  • 235 startups from 32 countries apply for the third edition of Protechting.
  • The Accelerator Program is thus sharpening its international orientation in the areas of Healthtech, Insurtech and Fintech.
  • Luz Saúde increases his support and Hauck & Aufhäuser brings the project to Germany for the first time.

Frankfurt, May 23, 2018 – The third edition of the Startup Accelerator Programme Protechting by Fosun, Fidelidade, Luz Sáude and Hauck & Aufhäuser attracted 235 startups from 32 countries to participate, an increase of 51 percent over the previous year. Of the 100 companies that are considered for the programme on the basis of their application documents, 47.5 percent are looking for investors, while 52.5 percent expect professional support, which in turn underlines the maturity of the participants.

This project is based on the common vision of the initiating companies that entrepreneurship is to be understood as the source of innovation and thus the further development of their own business models. The Accelerator Programme concentrates on the targeted promotion of a cross-company culture of innovation, which on the one hand provides start-ups with access to specialist expertise and corresponding company resources and on the other enables the initiators of the Programme to find meaningful additions to their own business models.

As a result of the last two editions of Protechting, six start-ups from four countries have worked with Fidelidade and Luz Saúde to date and continue to make a significant contribution to the development and implementation of innovative solutions within the organizations. In context of the last edition, a total of three companies (Amiko, Bdeo and took part in the Protechting I Innostar competition, one of the most important innovation competitions in China, which is sponsored by Fosun and the government of Ningbo. In this competition, Bdeo prevailed over 13 competitors from China, the USA, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

The third edition of the programme can now build on the successes of recent years. Luz Sáude is strengthening his cooperation while Hauck & Aufhäuser has brought the Startup Accelerator Program to Germany for the first time. The Bank focuses on supporting Fintechs and thus on cooperating with innovative solutions in the area of financial services. As in previous years, Beta-i, one of the most important European innovation and entrepreneurial organizations, is in charge of scouting and implementing the project phases.

After reviewing the application documents, almost 25 startups will now be invited to a boot camp in Portugal from June 18 to 22, during which they will have the opportunity to optimize their business model and present it to a selected jury of supporting companies. Finally, the three finalists of Protechting will have the unique opportunity to present their business model to potential investors and establish relevant industry contacts at a roadshow through China. In addition, the best business idea will receive prize money of 10,000 euros.



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