The new H&A identity

Stronger. Bolder.


Hauck & Aufhäuser has a fascinating history full of anecdotes and great personalities. Surely some of you still remember the famous strawberry tartlets or Hauck's formula?!

The bank's roots date back to 1796. The merger between Hauck and Aufhäuser dates back more than two decades. Since 2016, we have been looking to the future together with our Chinese partner and investor Fosun.

And a lot has changed since then. We have grown: organically and - among other things through the acquisition of the Luxembourg companies of Sal. Oppenheim in 2017 - also inorganically. Today, Luxembourg is our largest location. And the fund business has become the flagship of Hauck & Aufhäuser over the past 50 years.

At the same time, ten years ago, we expanded our service portfolio to include our investment banking team in Hamburg. And our Private Banking division, our oldest, was not expanded until 2018 to include the digital wealth channel Zeedin.

These changes should now also be reflected in our corporate design. This should be modern and noble, but in spite of all further development, it should above all highlight those things that we do not want to change at all: the connections between employees and the bank and between the bank and our customers - across all business divisions.

Strong connections

Tradition. Modern.


H&A stands for two elements that combine their strengths: over 220 years of tradition in first-class, personal advice that meets contemporary technology.

Hauck & Aufhäuser stands for a mix of East and West, for private banking, international asset management, asset servicing, investment banking and much more.

The new corporate identity combines the brand DNA of success with a unique personality and effortlessly combines tradition with modernity.


Trade mark

Bigger. Straightforward.


Our word-image mark has been redefined and repositioned. It is a further development of our traditional logo, redesigned with a modern character, more scope and therefore better suited for cross-media use in print and digital media.

In particular, the new font of the logo gives the brand a clear and straightforward appearance. We have attached great importance to ensuring that the recognition value of our rhombus and our name is not lost under any circumstances. This is why we have made the core element of our brand, the diamond (which once stood for the merger of Hauck and Aufhäuser), even larger and colored it in the new H&A blue.

The new descriptor "Privatbank seit 1796" also reflects the diversity of our current service portfolio. Our company name remains unaffected.


Characteristic. Brave.


The Geogrotesque Slab is used for headlines. The Celias is used for sublines and copytexts. The combination of serif font and sans serif font looks modern, characteristic, courageous and can be used very well, especially digitally.


Unique. Exclusive.


We are particularly proud of the key element of our new brand identity: the signet. The special feature of the signet is that it closely links the letters H and A and at the same time gives them the character of a single symbol.

The signet is not a logo, but our new "key visual", which can also be found in the so-called "patterns". The patterns are patterns that result from the combination of the logo in different sizes.

The signet and the patterns may remind one or the other of luxury brands like Fendi or Louis Vuitton and thus visibly convey the exclusivity of our brand and our offer.


Simple. Beautiful.


The practice brings together all the aforementioned attributes of our new corporate design.

It is ...

...simple, but not boring.

...modern, but not fashionable.

...striking, but not intrusive.

In short: It's Hauck & Aufhäuser.


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