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Digital Roadshows

An open dialogue between management and shareholders is paramount, but not always possible face-to-face. HAIB recognized the limiting aspects “traditional” roadshows had from an early stage, and hence equally early started building its e-Roadshow portfolio and offering clients digital roadshows, company online-sessions, Analyst/Stockpicking online-sessions, and more!

As the forerunner for digital roadshows, HAIB is able to minimize the disruption in communication and seamlessly proceed with or adjust planned roadshows when traveling might become difficult or impossible, by converting them to a digital format.

Our digital roadshows have proven a successful and efficient means to keep the dialogue with existing investors alive, as well as attract new potential investors.

See below an overview of some of our upcoming e-Roadshows:

Thu 23/09/21

Fri 24/09/21

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