Our preferred asset classes include equities, bonds, funds, and derivatives. Our highly experienced team of traders quickly and skillfully places your order in national and foreign marketplaces or off-exchange marketplaces to ensure minimal impact on the market.

Cross Asset Execution & Futures Trading

Best execution: speedy, market-friendly order placement

Cross-asset execution ensures that your securities orders in all customary asset classes – in particular, equities and ETFs – are executed with speed and skill. We execute your order in accordance with our tried-and-tested Best Execution Policy. We focus on fast order placement with minimal market impact through efficient access to various trading systems and established broker contact partners.

Order management at domestic and international stock exchanges

When processing your orders, our experienced team of professional traders uses our direct connection to a selection of reliable broker contact partners as well as direct links to domestic stock exchanges (e.g. Xetra) and international stock exchanges. We manage orders using a variety of options, such as discretionary, volume oriented, “good for day,” or “iceberg.”

Trading with derivatives

Through us, you can trade in all Eurex options and futures contracts. You also have the possibility of trading in futures on international stock exchanges via our selected broker contacts. Additionally, we support trading-oriented investors in managing their discretionary orders through providing regular updates on market and order developments. At your request, we can additionally develop trading concepts and hedging strategies.

Optimization of risk/opportunity profile

In addition to standardized futures trading, we offer needs-based execution of OTC transactions and integrated solutions based on an overall risk assessment. The aim is the correct assessment of risks not only on a case-by-case basis, but also at the individual portfolio level. We develop concepts and optimization models matching your operational and strategic alignment to ensure long-term improvement to your risk/opportunity profile.

Contact Cross Asset Execution & Futures Trading

Frank Eckardt
Head of Cross Asset Execution
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Thomas Kastner
Cross Asset Execution
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Michael Rudolph
Cross Asset Execution
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Fund Trading / Pooling

Hauck & Aufhäuser is your full-service provider for highly skilled fund trading paired with optimal solutions for fund administration.

In fund trading, we facilitate access for investors to a broad range of domestic and international mutual funds, hedge funds, and hedge fund certificates. We can execute ETF trading via the stock exchange or through a market maker. In so doing, through the “request for quote” function, we ensure compliance with our Best Execution Policy. Client orders can be processed via various interfaces (SWIFT, CSV, FIX).

In addition, we organize depository management for our clients, and optimize and control the portfolio commissions of third-party fund portfolios. Upon request, our clients also receive a transparent statement of accounts for portfolio management commissions on eligible client securities accounts.

Contact Fund Trading/Pooling

Stephanie Klaes
Securities Execution
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Volker Kölsch
Head of Fund Trading
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FX Trading

Our close cooperation between FX Trading and Securities Trading enables us to act on an individual basis for our clients. We trade in a range of currencies and, through NDFs, are also able to conduct sophisticated trading in exotic currencies.

Our experienced traders execute our clients’ orders using established links to multilateral trading facilities and selected single-provider platforms. This enables us to achieve competitive pricing for you as investor.

Contact FX Trading

Thomas Wiesner
FX Trading
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FX Trading
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