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Would you like to actively shape your personal development and professional career? Then you have found the right place! Customers can expect very special services from a private bank with more than 220 years of tradition: very personal advice, individual solutions, an independent opinion and an eye for the essentials.
Our employees feel the same way. They are also looking for something special: They want an environment that they can help shape themselves, with transparent processes and manageable structures, interesting tasks and a way of dealing with one another that is characterised by mutual respect.

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Years of values and principles are the foundation for our quality.
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The promotion of individuality and cultural diversity is an essential factor in a vibrant corporate culture and in the creation of diverse know-how. To generate the best solutions for our customers, it is indispensable.


Diversity and Variety


Hauck & Aufhäuser now has almost 800 colleagues working at various locations: In addition to Frankfurt am Main and Munich, we have further domestic branches in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn. In addition, our Group has been active in the Luxembourg financial centre for over forty years - with a branch office and the subsidiaries Hauck & Aufhäuser Fund Services S.A. and Hauck & Aufhäuser Alternative Investment Services S.A.. We have been represented in Zurich for more than 20 years by our subsidiary Hauck & Aufhäuser (Schweiz) AG. In addition, we have representative offices in Paris and Zurich, a branch in London and an Irish investment.

The employees of the Bank and its various subsidiaries are in close contact with each other on many joint tasks and projects. Many of them have been with the Bank for ten or more years - an extraordinary continuity that is an expression of our corporate culture. In addition to our experienced colleagues, we have also been able to attract many younger employees in recent years.

We see individuality as a strength and see the promotion of diversity as part of our mission. In our house we employ people from over 20 nations and different continents. Flexible working time models, special further training measures and the need-based design of workplaces are just some of the possibilities we offer to create a suitable balance between career and personal wishes.

Other advantages of our company

At Hauck & Aufhäuser we have generalists and specialists. Both are important - wherever they are needed. Ultimately, the combination of generalist skills and a deep understanding of details is crucial to the success of our company. In other words, we employ specialized all-rounders. Find out more about the advantages of our bank below:

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Daniela Walter
Head Human Resources Germany
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+49 (0)69 2161-1244
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Günter Stemper
Head of Human Resources Luxembourg
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+352 45 13 14 323
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Sandra Freimuth
Head of Corporate Communications, Marketing & Talent Management
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+49 (0)89 2393-2111