Fosun and Hauck & Aufhäuser participate in the third CEIBS Europe Forum 2017 in Munich.

On September 13, the China European Business School (CEIBS), one of the most prestigious universities in China, hosted the 3rd Europe Forum 2017. The event is part of CEIBS’ efforts to provide the political, business and academic communities in China and Europe with an opportunity to offer insights into crucial international issues. More than 300 renowned and prominent experts gathered in Munich for lectures and discussions. The focus was on the One Belt, one Road initiative, the most ambitious and extensive infrastructure project in the world. In addition, various experts from companies, such as Fosun or Hauck & Aufhäuser were invited to report on their very own experiences with takeovers in Germany and to discuss on potential advantages resulting from cooperation between German and Chinese companies.

The guidelines of the One Belt, one Road project were first outlined by Professor DING Yuan, Vice President of CEIBS. The project, which was initiated by President XI Jinping in 2013, is intended to connect more than 100 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa with the help of new road and rail networks and port projects. It was not until May this year that representatives from 100 countries, including 29 Heads of State and Government, attended the Beijing Belt and Road Forum Summit. Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, took part for Germany. Professor DING Yuan believes that this is only the beginning of a mammoth project that will affect approximately 20% of global trade.

The advantages that Chinese acquisitions and participations in Germany can have for both sides were demonstrated in a panel of company representatives. In addition to representatives of Solvay Asia Pacific and Sany Europe, Fosun and the German private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser also took part in the discussion. Sandra Freimuth, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Hauck & Aufhäuser, emphasized the know-how transfer that has arisen from the cooperation with Fosun. "Both companies benefit from each other's cultural and professional strengths," Sandra Freimuth emphasized, who is also the Chief Representative of Fosun in Germany. And the bank's latest developments strongly confirm this: earlier this year, Hauck & Aufhäuser announced the acquisition of the Luxembourg companies of Sal. Oppenheim.

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Head of Corporate Communications, Marketing & Talent Management
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