Benefit from our expertise and extensive experience

Our support also continues throughout the subsequent investment phase. We deliver holistic advice, opportunities for product development, and solutions tailored to your complex needs – guaranteed. We offer the full range of high-quality products for providers of investment products, such as UCITS or special investment funds. Our extensive experience and comprehensive infrastructure for private label funds enable you to precisely plan the issuing of your fund. Our management services for alternative investment funds include open-end and closed-end mutual funds, special investment funds in all customary asset classes, and securitization in both Germany and in Luxembourg. You benefit from two corporate locations backed up by an outstanding network of first-class financial experts, attorneys, and auditors.

We are a full-service provider of tailored investment solutions for both traditional and alternative investments.


Key Areas


Hauck & Aufhäuser itself has provided depository services since 1969 and has built up considerable experience in fund administration. The establishment of Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A. in 1989 laid the foundations for a professional fund-trading platform. Since 2008, Hauck & Aufhäuser Alternative Investment Services S.A. has also delivered services for alternative investments, enabling us to fully cover all investment products at the financial center of Luxembourg.

We are the correspondent of choice for all of your investment ideas.

  • Tailored services
  • Fast decision-making processes
  • Highly skilled and experienced employees
  • A long-standing network

  • Mutual funds (UCI/UCITS)
  • Special investment funds (FIS/SIF)
  • Open/closed-end mutual AIFs
  • Open/closed-end special AIFs
  • Venture capital companies (SICAR)
  • Securitization (SecVec)
  • Investment companies (SOPARFI)
  • Private wealth management companies (SPF)
  • Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)


Anja Schlick
Head of Financial Assets Germany
+49 (0)89 2393-2165
Stefan Schneider
Head of Financial Assets Luxembourg
+352 451314-500
Ludger Wibbeke
Head of Real Assets
+49 (0)69 2161-1625
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