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With over 220 years of experience in portfolio management, we draw on extensive expertise to meet the requirements and satisfy the aspirations of private and institutional investors. The investment solutions of H&A Global Investment Management GmbH excel on the market through the following qualities:

  • Active: Market capitalization benchmarks are mostly arbitrarily defined. For this reason, our investment style deliberately and significantly deviates from the benchmark indexes.
  • Fundamental and quantitative: We analyze the markets and securities on the basis of your business data and the economic climate. We take investment decisions on the basis of in-depth assessments. We pre-filter all decisions through a quantitative model in order to consolidate the generated information.
  • Research based: We conduct investments in all markets and securities on the basis of defined research processes. We only invest in areas where these research processes are established.
  • Independent: Our analysis and decisions are independent, and we attach great importance to quality and objectivity in our investment strategies.
  • Rigorous investment processes: We make sound investment decisions on the basis of detailed analysis. We consistently and rigorously implement our defined investment processes.

The solutions we offer you adhere to this principles.

For institutional clients we offer the following solutions: 

  • Active portfolio Management: Fixed income, equity, multi asset
  • Value preservation/risk overlay strategies
  • Ethical & sustainable investments

For private investors, our core competences take the form of mutual funds.

Value Preservation / Riks Overlay

Triple Safe: triple security

Our value preservation strategy

Our risk and value preservation strategies provide orientation and confidence when you invest your capital. By combining three modules – VaR control, draw down limits, and risk budgeting – Investment Management receives daily guidelines that ensure our clients’ defined limits are observed.

The H&A Triple Safe value preservation strategies are primarily conceived for investors with explicit risk specifications. The strategies ensure that risks are controlled effectively to comply explicitly with VaR requirements, loss limits, or lower risk limits for liquid investments.

These guidelines enable us to adhere to your individual risk requirements within the investment strategies in such a way that

  • the risk management mechanisms optimally match each investment strategy,
  • impairment in performance is minimal, and
  • the costs for risk hedging are at all times transparent.

In so doing, we adapt the selection and parameters of the three verification modules to your needs and to the risk structure of the underlying investment strategy.

Our risk management approach allows our investors to define customized parameters for their individual risk / reward profile.

TIMON VIRGENS, Head of SALES/Asset Management

Active portfolio management

Managing risks

reaching strategic goals

Active asset management is the hallmark of our portfolio management. For us, active asset management means that we systematically support our clients in defining adequate investment objectives, such as through:

  • information on how minimum performance objectives can be reallistically achieved
  • demonstrating the interplay between investment restrictions and income targets
  • examining and adjusting the required investment universe to achieve the objectives

We help benchmark-oriented investors select appropriate benchmarks for assessment, such as through:

  • providing information on the strengths and weaknesses of each index benchmark

For benchmark-oriented mandates (as well as for the corresponding mutual funds), we focus on dedicated investment decisions with quite significant deviations from the benchmarks. The associated deviation risks are systematically controlled and steered.

For absolute return-oriented investors, we can develop a tailored investment strategy or also a mutual fund from a variety of asset classes that allow you to achieve the performance target while remaining within the restrictions you stipulate.

Even in periods of turbulence, we can also help investors align their tailored investment strategy with consistent flexibility to ensure that strategic goals are reached. This can mean that, for benchmark-oriented mandates, the focus is on absolute return or loss avoidance.

Active portfolio management opens up opportunities for our investors for tailored investment solutions in line with prevailing market conditions.

TIMON VIRGENS, Head of SALES/Asset Management


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