Our service offer

We find the right investment solution for each client. Over 220 years of expertise and our instinct for market developments enable us to develop and realize tailored solutions with you. In so doing, we also keep sight of all regulatory requirements as well as your specific needs as an institutional investor.

Our clients include:

  • Foundations
  • Family offices
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Charities and non-profit organizations


The external rating company TELOS, which specializes in qualitative ratings of funds, asset management companies and investment processes for institutional investors, awards H&A Global Investment Management the best rating in the areas of customer loyalty, price/performance ratio and European bonds in 2018.

With their extensive capital markets experience and proven success, our highly qualified investment specialists understand what it takes to achieve high-level performance over the long term: in-depth analysis, systematic application of quantitative decision-making criteria, and highly efficient risk management instruments.

We develop specialized investment solutions for you on the basis of extensive needs assessment backed up by our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements. 

Where required, we deliver investment solutions and core competences as a discretionary mandate in a special investment fund or also in the form of institutional wealth management. A number of these investment solutions are also available in standardized form as a mutual fund. In advisory/outsourcing, we work with leading Austrian and German capital investment companies and depositories.

Our structured investment process enables investors to access modern, professional investment solutions at the highest institutional level.

TIMON VIRGENS, Head of SALES/Asset Management


Your commitment

deserves sustainable support

The fostering of civic involvement is an integral part of how we do business.

We support you from the very outset in the implementation and realization of your foundation. Our team of experts provides you with guidance and support, from developing the foundation concept right up to the launch of your foundation. We also connect you to our longstanding, established partnerships with foundation experts around Germany who specialize in legal matters and taxes, as well as to the regional supervisory bodies responsible for foundations.

A wide range of foundation solutions opens up a wealth of possibilities for turning your vision into reality – whether relating to successor issues in your company or to providing long-term support and encouragement for a matter of personal importance. Also philantrohpic questions can be put into the focus of the foundation work. The effectiveness of the engagement and the meaningfulness of the work of your foundation are important elements that need to be considered. And this is also where our experience and our network deliver decisive benefits for you.

In order to guarantee the longevity of your foundation, it is absolutely essential to ensure capital preservation through correct and wise investment of your capital. Consideration also needs to be given to statutory and regulatory requirements. In addition to our tailored wealth management solutions, we offer mutual funds adapted to the requirements of foundations: “H & A Rendite Plus Stiftungen.” You also benefit from our experience when implementing the investment principles of your foundation. 

Our tried-and-trusted liquidity planning helps you keep constant sight of the foundation’s assets and the earnings base, thereby ensuring the principles of planning of your foundation. Our extensive expertise in sustainable investments allows us to demonstrate in a highly practical manner that values, virtue and value creation are not mutually exclusive of each other. 

The bundling of our diverse charitable commitments in the HAUCK & AUFHÄUSER Cultural Foundation, which we founded in 2008, allows us ti support a range of cultural, educational, and social projects. As a longstanding member of the Association of German Foundations, we are committed to the foundation scene in Germany. 

Family Offices

Hauck & Aufhäuser

is your values manager

Values are the foundation of a partnership based on trust. This principle, which we have understood and acted upon for over 220 years, flows into the management of family assets and into cooperation with single-family offices.

Our commitment to you and your family means that you will benefit not only from value creation and capital preservation, but also gain time, security and, above all, transparency. 

Extensive expertise in managing family assets enables us to offer an all-round package of solutions to meet and match your needs. Our specialty includes the management of liquid assets. We also offer a wealth of other services, such as:

  • Sustainable investment
  • Solutions for, and administration of, your illiquid investments (direct investment, private equity, venture capital, real estate)
  • Foundation solutions and philantrophy
  • Wealth planning 
  • Mezzanine solutions
  • Access to our network in other relevant areas in German-speaking countries

Additionally, for matters relating to family governance or family constitutions, we connect you to our large network of acknowledged experts.

We regularly assist you in analyzing whether the strategy for your assets as a whole still corresponds to the original concept. This involves jointly comparing your plans, objectives, and wishes as well as, if necessary, redefining attainability and priority. It is of utmost importance to us that you achieve your goal.

Trust underpins – values unite.

TIMON VIRGENS, Head of SALES/Asset Management

Insurance Providers and Pension Institutions

Reliability and profitability

are key priorities

In order for insurance companies and pension funds to fulfill their obligations, reliability and return in capital investment is key.

Hauck & Aufhäuser the experienced partner at yout side

Our extensive experience in managing the assets of insurance companies and pension funds has given us a particularly good understanding of their needs. The increasing regulatory burden placed on insurers coupled with persistently low interest rates on the capital markets pose major hurdles for long-term commitments.

Tailor-made investment solutions

In the face of such challenges, tailored advice and constant reevaluation of jointly developed investment concepts and investment vehicles are key to achieving the best possible outcomes. The focus of our advisory services is primarily on issues relating to tactical asset allocation, Solvency II implementation, and risk capital adequacy. Hauck & Aufhäuser’s team of experienced experts will be happy to help you realize investment solutions tailored to your specific needs.

I can only properly advise my client when I know and unterstand his needs.

TIMON VIRGENS, Head of SALES/Asset Management

Non-Profit Organizations

Preserving capital

and ensuring the ability to act

Religious organizations, associations, and other institutions governed by public law have important roles to play in our society in terms of education and social/cultural aspects. When fulfilling these roles, therefore, it is of utmost importance that they conduct business in a sound and ethically sustainable manner. The same is true when investing assets.

Our principles: 

  • Individual sustainability
  • Tailored investment strategies
  • Extensive advisory expertise

Reliable partner at your side

In order to perform their diverse duties and fulfill their charitable mandate, non-profit organizations need a reliable partner at their side who understands their requirements and helps them invest their assets in an ethical and sustainable manner. This is exactly what Hauck & Aufhäuser offers.

Each investment solution or investment change is preceded by extensive personal discussions and detailed needs analysis. This allows us to ensure that the results align with your investment policies and generate the required income.

In more than 20 years, we have built up a unique expertise in the area of ??ethical and sustainable investment at our Zurich location. Today, we offer comprehensive services in sustainable asset management and investment advice.

Ethical and sustainable investments

Responsible investment and appreciation in value are not mutually exclusive.

DR. WOLFGANG KIRSCHNER, Institutional Clients

Other Types of Investors

Managing liquidity

and exploiting sources of income

When planning business development, banks and corporations face similar challenges: low interest rates eating away at profits, volatility in the markets exacerbating investment risks, and increasing regulatory requirements restricting room for maneuver.

Focus on yields, risk management, and transparency


Against this backdrop, and particularly in the light of the capital adequacy requirements, professional and sophisticated investment concepts are required. Hauck & Aufhäuser is the reliable and skilled partner at your side who will help you implement the right solutions in terms of yield, risk management, and transparency.

We are specialized in the following investment concepts:

  • Equities strategies
  • Bond strategies
  • Multi-asset strategies
  • Alternative investment strategies
  • Sustainable strategies


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