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Hauck & Aufhäuser can look back on a good fiscal year 2019 and closed it with positive earnings after taxes of EUR 27.9m million.

The pre-tax result increased from EUR 17.0 million to EUR 28.6 million. In the fiscal year net interest income increased by EUR 3.0 million compared to EUR 24.4 million in the previous year, while net commission income performed encouragingly and was higher than forecast, up from EUR 135.8 million in the prior year to EUR 140.9 million.

Development of Key Group Figures

Net pre tax Profit

28,6 EUR m


17 EUR m 


Net after tax Profit

27,9 EUR m


31,4 EUR m


Employees / avarage number





Net interest income

27,2 EUR m


24,4 EUR m


Net commission income

140,9 EUR m


135,8 EUR m


Administrative expenses

155,2 EUR m


162,5 EUR m


More key figures

Profit and loss statement (group)
Key figure 01.01.-31.12.2019 01.01.-31.12.2018
Net interest income (EUR m) 27,2 24,4
Net commission income (EUR m) 140,9 135,8
Administrative expenses (EUR m) 155,2 162,5
Net pre tax Profit (EUR m) 28,6 17,0
Net after tax Profit (EUR m) 27,9 31,4
Cost Income Ratio* 84,2% 87,3%
Return on equity post tax 10,8% 16,0%
Employees (avarage number) 722 697

* We define the cost income ratio as follows: Operating expenses in relation to operating income. Operating expenses consist of administrative expenses including depreciation, amortization and impairment losses on intangible assets and depreciation of tangible assets. Operating income is the sum of net interest income, net commission income, net income from the trading portfolio and other operating income.


Balance Sheet (group)
Key figures 01.01.–31.12.2019 01.01.–31.12.2018
Total assets (EUR m) 5.702 5.716
Risk-weighted assets (EUR m) 1.282 1.246
Balance sheet equity (EUR m) 287 259
Balance sheet own funds (CRR, EUR m) 228 202
Regulatory key figures (group)
Key figures 01.01.–31.12.2019 01.01.–31.12.2018
Core capital ratio** 17,7% 16,1%
Total capital ratio*** 17,8% 16,2%
Leverage Ratio**** 3,8% 3,4%

** Core capital ratio: Core capital in relation to risk-weighted assets pursuant to Art. 92 Para. 2 lit. b CRR

*** Total capital ratio: Own funds (core capital and supplementary capital) in relation to risk-weighted assets pursuant to Art. 92 Para. 2 lit. c CRR

**** Leverage ratio (debt ratio): Core capital in relation to business volume pursuant to Art. 429 (2) CRR

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